Clara Applewhaite-Mitchell

Clara Applewhaite-Mitchell has spent a lifetime in the creative arts, as a Printmaker, Silk Painter, Textile Designer and Teacher, with 15 years experience in the New York / New Jersey Textile industry. Specializing in the "Gutta Serti" method of silk painting. The main theme for her work speaks to the eco and socio-economic injustices to the world environment. This is reflected in the bold, yet vivid elements of flora and fauna, intertwined with striking motifs of her multi-cultural Trinidadian heritage. 

This original, one-of-a-kind, custom art may be worn or hung in the home. All designs are created on 100% Habotai silk, as this is the preferred substrate for the technique. Silk is durable, luxurious, and transcends every season. It lends a light and natural luminous quality to Clara's original designs.