Sonya Malani Panchal

Sonya Malani Panchal is the Owner & Founder of Scrumptious Wicks, a line of unique and extraordinary scents inspired by food, family, and South Asian culture. Hand poured with vegan soy and coconut wax, Sonya's collection represents her passion for natural, high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources. 

"I often draw inspiration for candle scents from cooking, travelling, and even my memories of growing up in an Indian-American household; the woody aroma of incense sticks burning or the spicy, warm scent of masala chai brewing on the stove — these are scents that evoke feelings of comfort and home to me and I love sharing them with the world. The scents are a tribute to my unique upbringing in an Indian and Western household. I love that my friends from all backgrounds can celebrate their own cultures and everyone is connected through memories of scent and aromas."

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