Designs by Adrienne

North Wales, PA

Adrienne's jewelry is inspired by her experience of the world around her - both in nature and the various environments she encounters through her travels. Organic shapes, textures, patterns and surfaces in nature have been the root of Adrienne's work. River rocks have been of primary interest and the irregular contours of their forms and their surfaces often times inspire her designs.

Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, Adrienne likes to create work with contrasting surfaces and textures, using a patina to highlight those contrasts. Some pieces lend themselves to a matte finish with moderate patina and steel wool for a natural weathered look, while others call for a high polish and a strong dark patina for contrast. 

"I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind, contemporary, designs that are clean and bold. My pieces are not meant to be delicate; they are intended to make a dramatic statement for the wearer."